Information for refugees

The University of Copenhagen aims to attract international talents from all over the world. International talents strengthen the diversity of our campuses and classrooms.

We believe that refugees constitute a significant resource and that education and quick entry to the labour market is the best way to integration for refugees. The University is committed to this objective and is in dialogue with the Danish government, local authorities and private companies on how to ease access to education and help refugees into the Danish society.

On these pages you can find information on how to apply for a study programme at the University of Copenhagen as well as information about job opportunities:

Who can apply?

If you have been granted asylum in Denmark, you can apply to study at the University of Copenhagen or for vacant jobs on a par with Danish applicants.

If you have not yet been granted asylum in Denmark (i.e. you are an asylum seeker), you cannot apply to a study programme or for a vacant position at the University of Copenhagen.

To learn more about the different types of asylum, please visit the official portal for foreigners in Denmark,